Computer Repairs, Maintenance & Components

Kevin Norman
Individual and private computer repairs, specializing in cicso, windows and Apple Mac repairs. Based in Heredia.
Dr. Mac
Apple and mac computer and software repair, maintenance, and authorized resale. Open Mondays to Fridays 08:00-17:00. Located diagonal to 10th Ave, behind las Animas Church.
Laptop Center
Laptop service center, repair shop, accessories repair, and parts seller. Open Mondays to Fridays 08:30-19:00, Saturdays 09:00-16:00. Located 25 meters south of the Firefighter Station in Cartago, in front of Vidrios Holanda, downtown Cartago.
Grupo Dosca Santamaria S.A.
Suppliers of air conditioning units, lighting rods, computer equipment and data networks. Open Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:30. Located in Villa Bonita in Monserrat, Alajuela.
Computers, components and communications service, with repair shop for computers and electronic devices. Open 08:00-18:00, Saturdays09:00-15:00. Located 100 meters south, and 300 meters east of the Matute Gomez House, Downtown San Jose.
David Zeledon
Specializing in Apple Mac repairs, although his first language is Spanish he speaks very good English.Located in Escazu.
Dr. PC 3000
PC repair, maintenance, and malfunction prevention for computers and printers. Plus software optimization, reparation, and maintenance. Open Located in Villas Ayarco, Cartago.
iOne Store
Offers computer repairs in their shop, They have branches in the following: Alajuela, Escazu, Moravia and Pinales. Open 11:00-20:00.
Rack Lodge
IT support and solutions. Located on the second floor of the centro colon building, 217, San Jose.